One of the things that was very appealing to us about this property was this keyhole garden. It was old and disintegrating but we saw how valuable it could be in or first few years in our new home if we just fixed it up. We decided immediately the compost tube and bedding needed to be redone. The compost tube was just wire and was kinda crumpled and out of shape. The bedding had blown into the compost tube from dust storms and years of being untended. As a result, any structure to the bed was gone. So we began!

First, we started the layers of our African style keyhole garden by adding a healthy layer of cardboard, rock, peat moss, and wood mass. Then we layered small sticks, manure, dirt mixed with compost, and thick wood chip mulch on top. The purpose of layering like this is to pack in nutrients and hold in moisture in the desert of New Mexico.

Time to build a door for the tube!

We really only need something temporary so we can start using the compost tube. I came up with this idea, we’ll see how long it holds up before we have to go ahead with our permanent solution. I’m gonna try to cut cost a little bit here and not buy the wood for this right now, because most of these are designed open the way it was before. I just didn’t want to see the compost, lol. The reason this is temporary is because the materials I used were cardboard, greenhouse plastic and garden fabric glued together with spray adhesive. Then I covered the piece of cardboard I cut out to make the door the same way and used hot glue to glue the bottom and used sticky back velcro patches. I may go back and use hot glue on those as well, but we’ll see how it works for now. It’s time to try it out!

It’s time to plant our peas!

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