To my delight, while we were building the keyhole garden, I realized there was a honeysuckle bush near by. It was even in the picture of the original keyhole garden. Would that be considered a photobomb?

I was pretty sure I knew what this was, but I have this nifty app called plant net that identifies plants. You just take a quick picture or choose from your gallery, so you can save pictures you want to identify later. It’s been pretty accurate so far.

Let’s get to work!

I find it sad this guy was never given a proper trellis. I mean the fence works but I’m not sure it was ever properly pruned either. Well, this guy’s in luck. With a little research I found out they can handle massive pruning and come back strong by the next season. You’re about to witness the instant gratification in gardening. Not too many plants allow this, so it’s one of the rare beauties you should stop and appreciate in my opinion.

Once I got him completely pruned I had to dig out a bunch of grass that was choking it. Eric grabbed the shovel and helped me with that. I had to remove a little dirt to do this. When I was happy I used some of the blocks around the property to make a nice border. I used some of the dirt I took out to secure the blocks in place and then created a bowl with the dirt. I filled that bowl with compost and left a little bowl shape. I filled the remaining space in the flower bed with much, maybe two inches.

Wow it looks so much better!

But! The issue before was that he had no trellis. That’s easy enough to fix, so we ran over to a garden center. I found these bamboo sticks for under five bucks. Perfect! I used some string to tie the tops of the sticks together and wallah! It looks awesome.

And just a week later… would you look at that growth!

I can’t wait to start doing updates on all the things!

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